Private Day Walks/Tours

Walking on Lewis and Harris gives you the opportunity to enjoy some of the islands most spectacular scenery and wildlife. 'Out and About Tours' provide full day guided walks in the company of an experienced and qualified regional guide.

Itineraries can be put together that will take in the areas of Lewis and Harris you are most interested in seeing, and the length and difficulty of the walks are tailored to suit personal levels of fitness.

The Outer Hebrides are a paradise for walkers and outdoor enthusiasts. They present the walker with a huge variety of landscapes, with miles of rugged footpaths leading over moorland and hill, and gentler trails along the flower covered machair.


The pace of an Out And About Walk/Tour is quite relaxed and our itineraries offer you many opportunities to explore the islands in depth and learn about the history, archaeology, wildlife and culture of the Outer Hebrides in the company of a knowledgable guide who lives on the island of Lewis.

A number of short and medium distance walks can be included in each tour, so for them a moderate level of physical fitness is required. Many of our walks make use of the existing footpaths and trails around the islands and a good many of them lead to sites of historical or archaeological interest.


Your day walk is flexible to accommodate your fitness level and other interests. Here is an example of one of the options.

Great Bernera Circular Walk

Following pickup from your accommodation on Lewis or Harris or at a prearranged point, we make our way over to the island of Great Bernera.

As our route takes us close to the Callanish Standing Stones, a visit can be included if desired.

To reach Great Bernera we drive out towards the Uig and Bernera district before turning off towards the Bernera Bridge. This bridge was built in 1953 and the views are stunning as we cross the Atlantic briefly before driving up the spine of the island to park at the Bernera Community Centre in the village of Breaclete.

This is the starting point for our circular walk to the Bostadh Sands. The route takes us through the crofting townships of Hacklete and Valasay and we cross the little footbridge at the Tob Valasay before heading north along the Atlantic shoreline. After enjoying spectacular views of the Atlantic Ocean and the Valtos Headland, the route leads us inland towards the township of Tobson.

Following a short walk through the village, we make a steep ascent of Ben Tob where from the summit on a good day the views are spectacular.

To the southwest you have the majestic hills of Uig and to the west the Atlantic Ocean with the distant Flannan Isles on the horizon.

From Ben Tob the route continues northwest before leading us downhill through the long deserted township of Bostadh and onto one of Lewis' most beautiful beaches. As you walk down towards the beach during the summer months the valley is ablaze with a multitude of flowers. At Bostadh you have the opportunity to visit the site of an Iron Age Village which was discovered in 1993 as a result of stormy weather and excavated by archaeologists in 1996.

A reconstruction of one of the Iron Age Houses was commissioned by the Bernera Historical Society and this is open to the public during the main tourism season (May-September).

If the weather permits, we can enjoy a picnic lunch on the beach at Bostadh before walking back to the Community Centre at Breaclete. Although the latter part of the walk is on a tarmac road, it is a pleasant walk and it is not uncommon to see Golden Eagle and Buzzards on this part of the walk. We also have the opportunity to visit the memorial to the Bernera Riots as we walk past the Tobson road end. This monument commemorates an event that took place in 1874 during what became known as the land struggles.

Back at our transport we finish our tour of the island with a visit to the township of Kirkibost on the east side of Great Bernera. This is where the little ferry would cross to the township of Breasclete on mainland Lewis prior to the building of the Bernera Bridge.

The walk and tour ends with your return to your accommodation or vehicle around 5pm.