Sightseeing Tours

If you are travelling to the Islands as an independent traveller and enjoy walking and sightseeing, you should consider one of our customised full day tours during your visit.
Lewis and Harris is the third largest island in the British Isles and there is lots to see. If you are planning to spend a fairly short time on the island our experience and expertise can help you to get the best value out of your visit.


The pace of an ‘Out And About Tour’ is quite relaxed and our itineraries offer you many opportunities to explore the islands in depth and learn about the history, archaeology, wildlife and culture of the Outer Hebrides in the company of a knowledgable guide who lives on the island of Lewis.
A number of short and medium distance walks are usually included in each tour, so a moderate level of physical fitness is required. Many of our walks make use of the existing footpaths and trails around the islands and a good many of them lead to sites of historical or archaeological interest.


Lewis and Harris is the third largest island in the British Isles and has much to offer the visitor including a stunning variety of archaeological and historic sites, rugged landscapes and abundant wildlife.

If you are planning to pay a short visit to Lewis and Harris, one of our customised day tours would be the ideal way to see more of these beautiful islands.

Out And About Tours can put together itineraries that provide opportunities to see all the highlights of both islands, although we would strongly recommend that you allow at least 2-3 days for your visit in order to see all that our islands have to offer.

Below you can see three example options for Guided Sightseeing Tours with prices starting from £280 per day

West Side and Uig

Westside Historical Circle and Uig and Bernera District.

Depart 0900 and leave Stornoway heading northwest towards Barvas. At Barvas we head west following the circular route to Arnol Blackhouse Museum. Here there is the opportunity to visit a traditional Lewis Longhouse which was lived in until as recently as the early 1960’s. Our tour continues with a visit to the Doune Carloway Iron Age Broch. This is a fantastic example of the art of drystone walling and well worth the effort of the short but steep walk up to this imposing hill fort. From Doune Carloway we make the short drive to the crofting township of Callanish. At Callanish we visit the renowned Standing Stones and the nearby visitor centre for lunch before heading west towards the Island of Great Bernera. Great Bernera has several little crofting townships that are well worth a visit and our tour includes several short walks to places of historical and archaeological interest including the Iron Age Village at the beautiful Bostadh Sands and the restored Norse Mill at Breaclete.


Much of Bernera is very scenic and its diverse landscape is home to many species of flora and fauna including Orchids, Irises and Potentilla among the former and Otters, Grey Seals and several raptors and divers among the latter.

This tour continues with a drive out to the Uig District of Lewis and a visit to the very scenic Valtos Peninsula and Ardroil Sands. In 1831 a local crofter discovered the famous Lewis Chessmen at the Ardroil Sands following some very stormy weather in which a lot of the foreshore was disturbed.


We return to Stornoway via the Pentland Road. This single track road cuts right across the centre of Lewis and on a good day provides spectacular views of the island.

Broad Bay and North Lewis
South Lewis and North Harris