Sitting here today I am looking out on a bright but cold vista. The trees on the croft have all just about lost their leaves and the overall colour of the landscape is brown. Loch Geal has it winter group of Tufted Duck and has already seen several small groups of Whooper Swan stopping off to rest on their way south. I was recently delighted to watch a Kestrel hovering over the back of the croft as this is a bird that is uncommon on Bernera and Lewis in general. As the Mink eradication project begins to show signs of success, one of the consequences has been the re-emergence of the Brown Rat! I have seen more of these now in the past 6 months than I had seen in the previous 20 years.

A few days ago there was a sharp dip in the temperature and there was a little bit of Snow fall on the Uig and Harris hills. As if by magic some small flocks of Snow Bunting have been around. I am always amazed at how accurate these little birds are when it comes to predicting the weather.