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Sparks fly in the Hebrides

Following a long and very busy season in 2013, the New Year has got off to a very strange start as we recover from our house being struck by lightning. Although the Outer Hebrides has not had the torrential rain or heavy snow that has affected other parts of the British Isles, we certainly did…

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Getting Out and About

Ah! the time has marched on again and I find that weeks have gone by since I last posted. The good news is that I have been very busy Out and About and that our tourist season is proving to be a busy one. The weather has been a real mixed bag, but as I…

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Snow, Sunshine and Cuckoo’s

As I sit here this morning we have a bright fresh spring like day. I was outside the house a little earlier and heard Willow Warblers calling from my neighbours croft. The contrast from a week ago today could not be more stark. I was over on North Uist and it rained pretty much the…

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Spring is on its way!!

It’s been a little while since I put up a post, so here goes. The last couple of weeks has seen a mixed bag of weather, but we are currently enjoying a fairly calm and dry spell here on Great Bernera. On the Kyles of Valasay the Red-breasted Mergansers are displaying courtship behaviour and gathering…

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Winter Bites

A Happy New Year from the Outer Hebrides. Two weeks into 2013 and the long spell of very mild weather has eventually given way to much colder and seasonal conditions. Today we have quite a bit of snow on the Uig Hills and black ice is a hazard on some of the roads. The cold…

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