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Winter Chill

Well the Snow Buntings were right again! The temperatures have been very low over the past week and yesterday saw a hard frost here on Great Bernera. Loch an Fheior which lies to the rear of our croft was frozen for the first time this winter and I’m sure it won’t be the last. Last week…

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5th of November

Sitting here today I am looking out on a bright but cold vista. The trees on the croft have all just about lost their leaves and the overall colour of the landscape is brown. Loch Geal has it winter group of Tufted Duck and has already seen several small groups of Whooper Swan stopping off…

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Great Wildlife on Great Bernera

The landscape of the island continues to turn autumnal and in recent days we have had some very strong winds. As a result of this the trees on our croft have taken a battering and the Alder in particular are looking a bit sorry. The heather which was at its best just a few short…

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In recent years the Outer Hebrides have become much better known as a fantastic area of Scotland in which to see wildlife. A day tour with ‘Out and About Tours’ can be tailored to visit some of the best areas on Lewis and Harris for wildlife observation. The islands are home to a huge diversity…

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