Well the Snow Buntings were right again! The temperatures have been very low over the past week and yesterday saw a hard frost here on Great Bernera. Loch an Fheior which lies to the rear of our croft was frozen for the first time this winter and I’m sure it won’t be the last.

Last week we had a single male Golden Eye Duck on Loch an Fheior. This is a bird that only tends to be around when there is a cold spell and the harsh weather of the last few days will push it further south. Another bird that is around in good numbers at the moment is the Common Snipe and I have put up quite a few in the past couple of days. A couple of days ago I spotted a small group of Ringed Plover on the mudflats near the Kirkibost Causeway. This little bird is common throughout the islands all year and during the breeding season you will often find them on rocky coastlines where they nest among the stones and seaweed.

As I write this today the weather is turning a little bit milder as the wind rises, but the wind chill is raw. The trees on the croft to the back of the house have lost all their leaves now and the landscape is looking very bleak. Still we are into December now and it won’t be long to the turn of the year!