A Happy New Year from the Outer Hebrides. Two weeks into 2013 and the long spell of very mild weather has eventually given way to much colder and seasonal conditions. Today we have quite a bit of snow on the Uig Hills and black ice is a hazard on some of the roads.

The cold weather has brought a few Golden Eye Duck down from the north and one of them is currently on Loch an Fheior keeping company with the Red Breasted Merganser and the Greylag Geese. I have had daily sightings of Common Buzzard around the croft along with the resident Hooded Crow and Rock Doves, but much to my surprise two days ago I heard and saw a single Lapwing on the shore of Loch Geal here on Bernera. This is a bird that I would not expect to see around here until late February/early March as they normally stay further south at this time of year.

This morning as I drove back into Valasay I put up a little group of 5 Curlew, a bird that I always enjoy seeing and hearing as it is very much one of the sounds of the Hebrides.

As I write this the hail is pelting off the windos while the sun continues to shine!! Just another Hebridean Day! Roll on Spring.