It’s been a little while since I put up a post, so here goes. The last couple of weeks has seen a mixed bag of weather, but we are currently enjoying a fairly calm and dry spell here on Great Bernera. On the Kyles of Valasay the Red-breasted Mergansers are displaying courtship behaviour and gathering into little flocks. A few weeks from now they will be heading north again to their breeding grounds along with the Golden Eye Ducks that are currently on Loch an Fheior. On the 2nd March I had the good fortune to see our resident pair of Golden Eagle as I passed the Tobson/ Bostadh junction. Hopefully they will soon be looking to raise a family again.

The buds on the Crack Willow are beginning to swell and the Alders on the croft are full of seed. If I can keep the dreaded sheep out I might just get some self-seeded Alder soon!!

Walking over the croft the other day I saw and heard a Greenfinch on one of my neighbours trees. It is always great to see any type of finch or tit here in Valasay as we have so few trees.

No shortage of Buzzards however especially between Lundale and Earshader where you are almost guaranteed to see one flying or sitting patiently on a fence post.

On Thursday 28th February we had a damp, mild evening and on my way home from Stornoway I had to wend my way through countless Toads that were sitting on the road at Crulivig and here in Valasay. It’s just as well they breed in such large numbers although strictly speaking they sould not be here in the Outer Hebrides and are one of the many introduced species.